70’s Electronic Ignition Module Wiring


MoparIgnitionModule1The Mopar Electronic Ignition is one of the simpler upgrades to a more reliable ignition system for the early (pre-75) Mopar products. Just like the Ford Duraspark upgrade it is a quick and easy fix to eliminate a pile of ignition woes associated with a point style system.

While it does involve the usual parts such as a distributor, an ignition module and a unique connector to the module, they are all easily obtainable from a variety of sources.Once they are all gathered and the distributor is embedded a suitable site for the ignition module is the next task. Locating it in a cool area in the engine compartment is usually no big deal.

Then comes the sticky part for most people. Wiring it all together! While there are only a handful of wires (4) it does cause some confusion for a lot of rodders. Mopar uses a couple of ballast resistors for this setup. While not a new thing they do get wired in a bit differently than other systems.So to help you along I have included a wiring diagram to assist with the upgrade.

5pinPretty straight forward. So, with that being said and a bit of courage, have at it! And enjoy your upgrade!


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