You are what you drive


The possibilities are endless! Here are just a few ….ish!

“What’s Worse Than …”

  • A Pyromaniac In A Blazer?
  • A barber in a Seville
  • A seamstress in a Dart
  • An insurance adjuster in an Acclaim
  • A construction worker in a Bobcat
  • A creature in a black Laguna
  • A theater manager in a Marquis
  • An astronomer in an Eclipse
  • An exterminator in a Beetle
  • A call-girl in an Escort
  • A spiritualist in an Aurora
  • A proctologist in a Probe
  • A proctologist in a Ram
  • An orator in a Civic

“How About …”

  • A country singer in a Neon
  • A reporter in a S’Coupe
  • A Good Humor man in a S’Coupe
  • An orchestra conductor in a Prelude
  • A classical musician in a Sonata
  • A customs inspector in a Passport
  • A dog trainer in a Rover
  • A jeweler in a Topaz
  • A band leader in a Tempo
  • A gentleman in a Gallant
  • A Bullfighter in a Matador
  • A mother-in-law in a Barracuda
  • An electrician in a Charger
  • A snake handler in a Viper
  • A second-story man in a Prowler
  • A car thief in a Jimmy

“Could It Be …”

  • A lepidopterist in a Monarch
  • Barbie in a Malibu
  • Sgt. Preston in a Yukon
  • Queen Elizabeth in a Regal
  • Prince Rainier in a Monaco
  • Princess Stephanie in a Riviera
  • Prince Charles in a Regency
  • Joan Collins in a Dynasty
  • (Hillary Clinton in a Park Avenue?)
  • Jim Garner in a Maverick
  • Kato in a green Hornet
  • Nixon in a Checker
  • Kissinger in a Diplomat
  • Speedy Gonzales in a Fiesta
  • Wile E. Coyote in a Road Runner
  • Elmer Fudd in a Wabbit
  • Miss Muffet in a Spyder

“No Way …”

  • Charles Lindberg in an Intrepid
  • Christopher Columbus in a Voyager
  • Blackbeard in a Corsair
  • Russell Means in a Dakota
  • Tonto in a Cherokee
  • Dorothy in a Syclone
  • Benjamin Franklin in a Lightning
  • Carl Sagan in a Nova
  • Bruce Lee in a Sidekick
  • Oscar De la Hoya in a Challenger
  • John Mellencamp in a Cougar
  • Wonder Woman in a gold Lariat
  • Edmund Halley in a Comet
  • Public-TV yoga instructor Lillias in a Lotus
  • Rosie O’Donnel and Charlton Heston in a Colt
  • Yassir Arafat and Menahim Begin in an Accord
  • Nostradamus and Jeanne Dixon in a Futura

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