Hooking a Holley Carburetor to a Ford AOD transmission


Hooking a Holley carburetor (or any other carb for that matter) to a Ford AOD transmission is simple but the TV cable adjustment is extemely important!

What is a TV cable you ask! The Ford AOD uses a throttle valve (TV) cable instead of a vacuum diaphragm to tell the transmission how much throttle you’re giving the motor, so it can time the shifts. Adjustment of the TV cable is critical. A mis-adjusted cable can cause you to fry your transmission in only a few miles.

The common mistake with AOD conversions is getting the ratio between the throttle and the TV cable wrong. It’d be easier to just bolt the TV cable to some existing hole in the throttle bracket, but that won’t work properly that way. Making a small bracket to reposition the TV cable correctly solves the problem nicely. The cable needs to move exactly as much as the throttle.

The TV cable can be sourced from a variety of sources including Windsor-Fox, Total Performance and Lokar. The carb plate with the Morse cable bracket is usually included and the TV cable bracket can be hand fabricated from steel stock. To set it up, simply follow the instructions in your shop manual or shift kit manual to adjust the line pressure.

If you ever are driving and notice a super sloppy shift from 1-2 or 2-3, stop now and check and/or adjust the cable because the life of your trans is in the balance!

Handy P/N

  • Holley Ford Trans Kickdown Extension Part#20-41 used to extend the Ford O.E. transmission kickdown lever when converting from a 2 bbl. to 4 bbl. carburetor
  • Holley Ford Trans Hardware Kit Part#20-60 This is the hardware kit needed when installing a Holley universal carburetor w/1 mounting hole and locator pin to a Ford with automatic transmission.
  • Holley Ford Trans. Hardware Kit Part#20-91 This is the hardware kit needed when installing a Holley universal carburetor with two mounting holes to a Ford with automatic transmission.
  • Carburetor Throttle Shaft Service Kit Part#20-48-1 Adds the Ford transmission kickdown lever to the Holley 1850 carburetor

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