‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru the shop,
I searched for
the tools to hand to my pop.
Hotrodders, this night, all snug in their beds,
Would dream of a chopped top with fresh coat of lead.

Instructions were studied and we were inspired,
To hotrod this car, some
assembly would be required.
We opened the boxes, my heart skipped a beat,
Let no parts be missing or parts incomplete!

When up on the roof I heard something pound,
I sprung to the window, to
scream, "Keep it down!"
I looked on the roof, up not very far,
I saw a
strange vehicle not like any car,

It had bits and pieces, it sure was no fake,
It came from Detroit, a
little of each make.
’40 Chevy, ’32 Ford, and even some Rambler,
A red
light up front reminiscent of a reindeer.

With a top hat and tails, his eye gave a wink,
It was "Big Daddy" and his
friend, the Rat Fink!
This heap needs some big help, he said of our rod,
I have what you need, just give me a nod.

His helper’s eyes were bloodshot and scary,
Flies buzzed his head that
was very hairy.
Now bolt it, now weld it, with a bang and a thud,
knew his work, this car wouldn’t be a dud.

They worked through the night, with hammer and torch,
Out of their way,
we dozed on the porch.
He jumped from the shop in a big cloud of dust,
Come dig this lead sled, Come quick! You must!

I threw open the door and opened the shutter,
The car was just perfect,
paint glistened like butter.
We gazed at the car, Big Daddy was perplexed,
He was trying to decide just what to do next.

Something special was needed, a touch that he might,
Bestow on this
Custom to make it just right.
As he stuck his finger on the side of his
He flew thru the door to land on the rear deck.

He whipped out a brush, a gold handled Red Sable,
And added the touch, no
picture or fable.
When he was done we beholded the sight,
It said "Merry
Christmas, And To All A Good Night"

Author — Leon Biesiadecki.


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