Types of transmission fluids


These are the basic types

And some of these don’t play well together! If they get mixed it makes the transmission cranky.

  • DEXRON III/MERCON – Recommended for all automatic transmissions requiring DEXRON III, DEXRON IIE, DEXRON II, DEXRON or MERCON transmission fluids. It can also be used where fluids meeting Ford ESP-M2C138CJ or Ford M2C166-H specifications are required. Also, meets Allison C4 specification requirements. Recommended for Mercedes transmissions.
  • DEXRON-VI – An automatic transmission fluid approved by General Motors for use in its vehicles with automatic transmissions. Extends fluid and transmission life and offers the potential to extend drain intervals. Designed to provide twice the normal service life of a DEXRON-III H fluid. It is particularly recommended for use in new GM 6-speed automatic transmissions, and is fully backwards compatible with older GM automatic transmissions.
  • ATF+3/ATF+4 – Formulated exclusively for Chrysler Corp. automatic transmissions/transaxles where a Chrysler MS-7176, Mopar or Mopar ATF+3 is specified. Vehicles manufactured after 1999 require ATF+4 , a synthetic-based ATF.

    Caution – Using ATF4 fluid in a unit that calls for Dexron will cause severe internal damage!

  • Type F (FLM) is a specially compounded fluid meeting the latest Ford ESW-M2C33F and is compatible with all M2C33 series Ford specifications in passenger cars and light trucks manufactured by Ford Motor Company prior to 1977, and in many 1977-1980 models. In all 1983 and later model Ford automatic transmissions use DEXRON III/MERCON or MERCON V Automatic Transmission Fluids.

    Caution – Type F and MERCON fluids are not interchangeable!

  • MERCON V – Many Ford automatic transmissions from 1999 on will require a higher performance level MERCON V fluid. The most notable exceptions are the E40D, 4R100, and CD4E transmissions, which still specify regular MERCON ATF. This fluid also meets the performance requirements of the new GM DEXRON-III H-Revision specification, and is
    approved for service fill in all vehicles where DEXRON-III or previous generation DEXRON fluids are specified.

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