New Transmission Naming


Recently I discovered while browsing through a parts catalog at the store that somewhere in the recent past all of the transmission naming conventions that I thought I knew have been changed. Some of the old designations did not change but many have. Not sure why but it apparently was a good idea to someone. Here is what I have been able to piece together. The listing is with the old designation first and the new designation second.

Renamed GM Transmissions
Old GM Name New Name
TH125C 3T40
TH180C 3L30
TH180C (4 Spd Electric) 4L30E
TH400 3L80
TH400 (4 Spd Electric) 4L80E
TH440T4 4T60
TH440T4 (Electric) 4T60E
TH475 (HD400) 3L80HD
TH700R4 4L60
TH700R4 (Electric) 4L60E
MH1 4T80E
4 spd FWD 4T40E
4L60E HD 4L65E
Renamed Ford Transmissions
Old Ford Name New Name
4 spd FWD CD4E
A4LD Electric 4R44E,4R55E
A4LD 5 spd 5R55E
4EAT Probe G4A-EL
F4EAT Escort F4A-EL
GF4EAT 7 solenoid Probe GF4A-EL
4F20E Villager RE4F04A
FN Focus 4F27E
Renamed Chrysler Transmissions
Old Chrysler Name New Name
A404 30TH
A413/470 31TH
A500 40RH/42RH
A518 46RH
A604 41TE
A604LD 40TE
A604 AWD 41AE
A606 42LE
A618 47RH
A727 36RH/37RH
A904 30RH
A998 31RH
A999 32RH
AW4 Jeep A340

So if you are having a tough time finding listings that make sense for transmission parts this may help.


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