Early Ford single to dual master cylinder upgrade


Because this is such a big deal for cars that have single master cylinders there have been a bunch of articles on this. I am personally familiar with this problem and say it is a real safety issue. Rather than try to give you all the details on this simple upgrade I have a few lists of compatible parts here. Keep in mind this info is good for all early Ford cars.

I am using this same info to upgrade my 54 Ford. It was a straight bolt-in using 70 Mustang parts. Take a look at them and judge for yourself.

Master cylinder donors

  • Raybestos # MC 39037 (R.H. ports) (cast iron) 7/8 bore ’78-81 Ford Fairmont Granada Futura Zepher
  • Raybestos # MC 39531 (R.H. ports) (aluminum) 21mm bore ’81-86 Ford T Bird ’82-86 Mustang ’83-86 Marquis
  • Raybestos # MC 39310 (R.H. ports) (cast iron) 7/8 bore ’81-83 Ford Escort Explorer Lynx Mark 7
  • Raybestos # MC 39027 (L.H. ports) (cast iron) 7/8 bore (L.H.) ’76-80 GM Monza Sky Hawk Starfire Sunbird

Some handy brake hardware part numbers

  • Everco # 652-B three way T that has a 1/2-inch pipe threads on top (for brake switch) and (2) 3/8-24 thread ports for 3/16-inch brake lines on each end.
  • Everco # 7817 adapts from 1/2-20 to 3/8-24 for 3/16-inch brake line
  • Everco # 7818 adapts 7/16-24 to 3/8-24 for the rear wheel brake line port fitting on the master

Note that all after market 3/16-inch diameter brake line have 3/8-24 fittings on the ends.

70 Mustang master cylinder


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