A Ford 2-Speed Electric Fan Upgrade


Rat Rod cooling fan

If you just have to have an electric fan this is the unit for you. An excellent alternative to aftermarket electric fan kits is a junkyard fan. These fans can be acquired from any local junkyard. The particular one here is a Ford 8C607 fan. It comes in the 90 to 95 Ford Taurus and Lincoln Continental with the 3.8 liter engine. 1995 Mercury Tracer also has a similar fan. It is a two speed fan with integral shroud and a low-profile electric motor.

If size is an issue the Taurus fan is 16 inches blade tip to blade tip while the T-bird fan is a bit larger at 18 inches blade tip to tip. A sidebar issue here is that the 18 inch unit is also a bit fatter so if water pump clearance may be an issue the 16 incher is a better choice. Both sizes are found on some models so you need to look and measure.

It is another one in the list of dual fan upgrades. It appears that some installations can’t use the Taurus style fan because of some clearance issues. Well, there may be another alternative. This one is a dual unit from a 95-99 V6 Ford Contour / Mercury Mystique.

But before the wiring can begin the charging system may need to be upgraded. A stock 75 amp alternator will not be able to handle the added load of this new fan, this fan pulls around 40 amps on high. Yikes!! Moves a bunch of air though!

And as you suspected you will need to modify the integrated shroud and trim the unit until it fits in place on your specific application but this is pretty simple stuff. The other part of the fabrication is the brackets to bolt the unit in place. This too will also depend on your application.

A short list of extra parts you are going to need for this install are listed here.

  • Bosch #75252 / GP Sorensen #MR126 / Napa #ST85 (Glow Plug Relay) / Napa #AR2982
  • The fan controller – Imperial/Hayden 226204 Cost about $35.00
  • Bosch HD relay (0 332 002 156) – 75 amp
  • Misc wire and crimp-on connectors.
  • A couple of fuse holders

dual speed fan wiring

FREE WHEELING DIODE – Since the motor is an inductive load and an inductor is an energy storage device, when the contacts of the relay open, the energy that is stored in the motor has no place to go. The voltage increases (negatively) and a spark is created across the relay contacts, greatly reducing the contact service life. If a diode is placed (reverse biased) across the motor, it will not conduct in normal operation but will conduct when the relay contacts are opened, thereby supressing the spark. The current is said to freewheel through the diode and the motor after the supply current from the battery is interrupted. This voltage spike can get unbelievably high, hundreds of volts for a 12V system. Use a 1N5404 which is rated at 3A, 400PIV.

Now here is where a part has come to my attention that makes dual electric fan installs a bit easier. The unit is an adjustable dual fan controller made by TorqFlo (Compressor Works) – P/N 733647. It is available at your local AutoZone. This unit has a relay, a fused power lead, an AC clutch lead, dual fan leads and an adjustable temp probe. A pretty compact and complete control unit.

Great reference article Ford Muscle Magazine


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